Diagnosis - Podiatry Northern Ireland - Caroline Spencer

The Diagnosis will start Once the Specialist Podiatrist has assessed the area of discomfort along with lower limb joint movement and alignment as well as videoing you walking, standing and if applicable running and a tailor-made treatment plan is made using this information.

This tailor-made treatment plan is designed to restore the foot and leg system back to more normal and symmetrical function.

Treatment plans may include footwear guidance, orthoses (special insoles), exercises, soft tissue manipulation, lesion removal and possibly more invasive modalities such as injection therapy.

All treatment plans are followed up by a four to six week review appointment to reassess symptom relief and lower limb alignment.

For more information on the services of PodiatryNI at the Loughbrickland Clinic, 21 Scarva Street, BT32 3NH, call Caroline Spencer on 028 4062 2411 or contact us caroline.spencer@podiatryni.co.uk.